What are hair follicle stem cells?

Hair follicles are the basic units that produce hair – the outward growth of cells originating from the hair follicle forms a hair. Hair follicle stem cells reside in the hair bulge, and they behave like a mother to all cells in the area, providing a source of new cells and setting up a nutritional environment optimal for growth and follicle maintenance.



New hair progenitor cells can constantly divide and differentiate into hair matrix cells, causing the hair to grow longer and longer. In addition to hair production, follicle stem cells are able to differentiate into sebaceous glands, producing oils that act as a natural conditioner for the skin. If the epidermis is injured, these stem cells migrate to the epidermis and differentiate into epidermal cells to help repair the wound. As shown in these examples, hair follicle stem cells have the ability to perform multiple types of differentiation. In addition, they are able to replenish their own numbers with a slow division rate. Cells with differentiation potential and self-replenishing abilities are so-called hair follicle stem cells.




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